The Corona virus continues to affect the whole world. Due to take precautions, many companies and brands decided to work in the houses. As employees return to their homes, the burden of cargo companies has increased.

In which districts is the population of Istanbul concentrated? Can we examine this density at the micro level on the map? Which micro regions need more cargo service?

Micro zones were created at the Istanbul scale and hexagon form was used while determining the boundaries of the region. If the maps are examined, it is possible to have an idea of ​​where the population is concentrated. The red micro regions on the map represent dense settlement. As the color scale goes to blue, the density decreases.

According to the results of this analysis, it is seen that the red micro regions are more concentrated on the European side than on the Asian side.

It is also possible to examine where concentrated regions are on the maps that was prepared specially for the Asian and European sides.

We would like to thank the cargo employees who continued to work for our needs in such a period.

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