Can we establish a relationship with health services and population of Turkey? What is situation of the provinces and regions in this relationship? Why should we increase our personal measures that we take against the Corona virus?

The number of doctors, beds, pharmacists and nurses that is procured from Tüik was associated with the population and reflected on the map.

Turkey’s averages for these data;
The number of people per doctor is 536,
The number of people per nurse is 430,
The number of people per bed is 354,
The number of people per pharmacist is 2560.

If we do not take our personal precautions against the Corona virus sufficiently, ourselves or someone who we love may have to share a bed with 10 people in the hospital.
We always want doctors and nurses to take care of us and our loved ones, but it may not be possible because of too many patients and limited time.

We can both use our resources of healthcare properly and effectively, and we can reduce the workload of healthcare professionals who work for us with the measures, that we take, against this virus that affect Turkey and the whole world.

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