We constantly monitor the number of cases related to the corona virus. So how the distribution of the number of cases in Turkey? In which provinces there is a high number of cases? When we associate the number of cases with the elderly population, which provinces are risky more?

The province that has the highest number of cases is Istanbul. 60% of the total number of cases were seen in Istanbul. İzmir covers approximately 6% of the total number of cases. Ankara, which follows these provinces, contains approximately 5% of the total number of cases. The top three provinces with the lowest number of cases are Şırnak, Burdur and Batman.

When the number of cases is associated with the population over 65 years of age, it is seen that the cities with great risk are Istanbul, Isparta and Kocaeli. Isparta, which carries great risk, has an extra condition. Some passengers who came from Umrah stayed in dormitories in Isparta. This city can have many cases, because the disease of the passengers were been diagnosed here.

Coronavirus is not stronger than the measures that you will take. Let’s listen to this slogan. And let’s continue to take our measures. #evdekal#türkiye


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