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About Us

Our Goals and Objectives

We are a consulting company established to meet the needs of large or small companies with location-based consultancy services. We are constantly following current and advancing technologies. Our goal is to strengthen the decisions made by companies and to increase the percentage of future success of their decisions.

We are aware of the value that location and all data based on location will add to industry firms. We develop solutions for everyone to benefit from location intelligence. We have served in this field for many years. Our aim is to provide the right solutions for the challenges and processes needed with our effective perspective and experience.

About Us

Our Methods

We provide, standardize and correlate data to get the most out of information with advanced analysis. We apply machine learning techniques to improve and speed up the processing of all this information.

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  • Professional Consulting Services
  • Customer Service and Operations
About Us

How We Work?


NG Data Store

We use our rich demographic and poi-based database in analysis studies. We collect other private data you need for the studies. We process the data we collect and your data into our database.


NG Analysis

We use analytical algorithms and examine the relationship of data with each other. We apply machine learning techniques to improve and speed up the processing of all this information.


NG Consulting

We report the operational process that is prepared by our professional consulting team, prepare solution suggestions that meet the need, visualize the work and deliver it.

About Us


Basic Data

You can access location based poi database, all socio demographic (age, gender, marital status, population density, etc.), economic (income, unemployment, dependency ratio) data infrastructure.

Private Data

You can access a private database that were prepared in collaboration with telecommunications companies, banks and GPS providers. For example: Pedestrian traffic, population movements, etc.

Your Data

You can include your business's internal data such as revenue, location and sales in Next Geo's rich data infrastructure so we can help you take effective and accurate steps in your strategic decisions.

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