FMCG is one of the most affected and dependent industry from location. The leading companies of the FMCG industry attach great importance to location analytics and use the power of location in their commercial marketing activities.

Next Geo provides significant benefits with rich datalibrary and technology to the commercial marketing and operational activities of companies in FMCG sector.

Our Contributions

New Selling Points

Increase your penetration by discovering the hotspots in your area with Next Geo’s rich point database and mapping capabilities.

Product Segmentation

Maximize the efficiency of your sales point with segmentation solutions that will enable you to position the right product at the right sales point.

Revenue Forecasting

With Next Geo’s turnover estimation solutions, apply the most accurate strategies about the point of sale by estimating the potential turnover of your point of sale on the basis of product / sku.

Route Optimization

Minimize your operational costs with route optimization solutions where you can increase your routing efficiency by optimizing your visit frequencies in the rut region.

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