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How many delivery-person should you employ in the delivery area of your restaurant? How many sales-person should be in your sales area? How many stores would you open in İstanbul Kadıköy?  

Optimization is an process or methodology of making something such as system or decision as fully perfect, functional, or effective as possible as. It is significantly essential for location analytics. By benefiting from the optimization models which developed by Next Geo, you can find out how to solve your location-related needs such as new investments or operational and marketing issues about your company.

All conditions for a successful optimization model exist in Next Geo.

Distribution Network Optimization

Determine the optimum distribution network for your sales dynamic. You can contribute to the distribution system with Next Geo. 

Route Optimization

Route optimization is the process of determining the most cost-efficient route. You can solve this complex problem in an easy way with the algorithm of Next Geo’s route optimization.

Sales Territory Optimization

Sales territory optimization is the allocation of resources across a territory or territories to service customers and achieve maximum sales.