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Simplify your tasks with reporting

Customized and unique reports of Next Geo are ready for your requirements. Understanding the market potential of a region, exploring the streets that meet your investment criteria, analyzing the regional distribution of the brands in your industry, or comparing your stores with those of your competitors would be necessity fo companies. Our reporting solution is ready to meet all of this needs.

People in Next Geo attaches importance to listen and understand. Our aim is preparing the most accurate report content in the format that you want and shares up-to-date and comprehensive information.

Macro Strategy Report

The Macro Strategy report, prepared at the provincial-district level throughout Turkey, determines the most suitable regions for your growth targets. With the comprehensive report created by evaluating the opportunities and risks of provinces and districts, you can find the answer to the question in which district you need to increase or optimize your investments.

Micro Location Report

In the Micro Location Report prepared on the basis of a street, a shopping mall or a sales point, the data in the micro location is calculated and outputs based on performance estimation, potential score or segmentation are produced. The information produced is organized in report format with tables, graphics and maps. With the Micro Location Report, you can find answers to all your questions about a street, street, shopping mall or point of sale.

Competition Report

Would you like to follow how your sectoral competitors are developing regionally? Next Geo follows the sectoral competition in sectors such as banking, retail and automotive with its point database, which it constantly updates, and reports to you on a regular basis.