Do zoning work for each of your point of sale or similar set of points of sale. Determine the demographic profile of your sales points with this study. Position the marketing studies you have prepared for different profiles at your right points. Increase the performance of your sales points with accurate and successful future target assignments.


Identify the zones of Your Sales Points

Make detailed analyzes for each of your stores and mark the effect area of your store on the map.


Give Targets Towards Your Sales Points

Make detailed analysis of the hinterland areas determined for each location and measure the potential of the hinterland areas. Give targets to your sales points in your region by considering these potentials.


Position Products or Advertising Activities Correctly

Group hinterland areas according to their demographic and geographic characteristics. Match the right product with the right area. For example, position the commercial loan in hinterland areas where the commercial feature is dominant in the bank sector.


Prevent Your Sales Points from Stealing Each Other's Customers

Assign their own regions for each point of sale, set intra-region targets, sales and performances so that prevent your sales points from stealing customers from each other and avoid affecting each other's performance.

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