There are various products that an enterprise produces and this product structure is called product mix. Product mix decisions determine how much and in what order the business will produce from which product. If these decisions are implemented correctly, it will significantly increase the success of your business.


Optimize Your Product Mix

In general, the larger a product mix, the better it works. However, making as many products as possible can cause products that compete with each other instead of products that complemente each other. If a mix of products contains unpopular or unnecessary products, it will really harm sales. With this study, shape and optimize your product mix according to the needs of the market.


Increase Your Sales

With the right mix of products, offer a product or service that will meet the demands of almost all consumers and increase your sales.


Prevent Your Customers From Going To The Competitor

Catch more consumers in the market with your product mix and prevent consumers from going to the competition.


Expand Your Customer Base

Expand your customer base by offering more products in more niches.

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