Sales Forecasting is the process of predicting what your business’s sales will be in the future. Sales forecast is an important part of business management. Without a solid idea of ​​what your future sales will be, you cannot manage your inventory, cash flow or growth plan. Estimate the sales of your business location with Next Geo to make smart business decisions.


Understand Your Sales Network

Analyze your network and mark similar areas with Next Geo.


Learn Success Factors Affecting Your Sales

Discover success criteria that will increase your current and future sales through a comprehensive and personalized study.


Predict the Success of Your Business

How much will I sell if I open a store here? What factors affect my business? How successful will this location be?
Estimate the sale of your next opening with a sales forecast model that tailored to your business needs.


Reduce Uncertainty for your Next Opening

Get detailed sales forecast reports from different locations, compare them and share this objective and accurate information with your superiors.
Greatly reduce the risk of new opening and / or closing with Next Geo.

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