Location is the key to a successful sales strategy and expansion in the store network. Many questions need to be answered for a new sales location.
Give correct and efficient answers to these questions with Next Geo.

  • Where should the next store be located?
  • How can I grow without affecting my other stores?
  • Where are my main competitors?
  • How can I replicate my best working stores?

Analyze Your Audience

Analyze customer data, demographic and location data. Identify the demographic profile that has a positive impact on your sales and examine its interaction with your brand. Determine where your target audience was concentrated with spatial analysis.


Identify Ideal Places

Review your customers' data flow with Next Geo.
evaluate the status of your competitors.
Examine the population and commercial flow living in the location and identify potential regions. Find out where the most efficient locations are for your business.


Prevent Cannibalism Problem

Attracting customers of competitors is the goal of every brand, but if you steal them from another store? Guess where a new store should be located with Next Geo, and prevent the new store from interfering with existing stores.


Increase Successful Sales Points

Identify the success factors of your business with Next Geo and find the ideal factors. Add new sales points to your network by considering these factors. Reduce the risk of opening new stores.

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