Increase your retail network and respond quickly to market opportunities and threats with data-driven decisions that show your success criteria. Identify sales gaps in the market area.
Analyze the behavior of existing stores, identify the variables that affect your sales, and plan your push strategy.
Create a more open and objective strategy that efficiently grow your network with the right decisions.


Learn the Variables That Affect Your Business

Measure the behavior of your existing store network by identifying variables that affect your sales positively and / or negatively, such as revenue, pedestrian traffic, or points of interest.


Improve Your Store Network Performance

Determine which of your stores are performing poorly, which stores you need to close or change its location.


Expand Your Store Network

Identify the gaps in the market area where the target audience but no sales point is available. Determine the success criteria that allow you to sell your products more
Based on these criteria, decide on new sales locations.


Determine Your Push Strategy

After choosing new sales locations, analyze potential customers' information and draw a clear and objective strategy.
For example, shape the product format or promotions in a new location according to the demographic profile, income or preferences of the people living here.


Review Your Competitors

Analyze and track your competitors' sales points and learn their success criteria.
Estimate the number of customers and revenue you can lose when your competitor opens a store near one of your sales points with Next Geo.


Reduce Closing Effect

Estimate how many customers you will lose to your competitors if your store closes.

When a new store is opened, determine how many customers and invoices will be distributed to here from other stores in your own network.

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