With the Customer Segmentation, examine a lot of information about your customers and divide your customer segment according to this information.
Datas to be used in Customer Segmentation;

  • Demographic (age, gender, marital status, political view, family size and more)
  • Geographic (location and where they work)
  • Psychographic (social class, lifestyle)
  • Behavior (spending, consumption, habits and more)

Improve Your Customer Relations

Establish a personalized connection with your customers and connect more customers to your brand by increasing your satisfied customer experience. Communicate with your customers about their questions and demands. Be notified of new changes and opportunities by regular communication.


Make the Right Decisions for Price Optimization Requests

Understand the social and financial situation of your customers. Take advantage of this information on price optimization.


Create Brand Identity

Make your customers aware of your brand by segmenting them. Enable your customers to interact directly with your products by defining your brand.


Improve Distribution Channel

Improve your distribution channel with customer segmentation. Direct your customers to the right distribution channel that best meets their needs with minimal cost.


Increase Your Competitiveness

Build more revenue by building good relationships with more customers. And so increase your competitiveness in the market.

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