Being in the right location is essential for the retail industry. In other words, the key element of success is to be in a right location.

Rapid urbanization and growing competition increase the importance of location analysis. Next Geo ensures that you will be in the right location with the products and solutions we developed.

Our Contributions

Location Selection for Stores

Identify the street sections and shopping malls that best suit your brand’s investment criteria with Next Geo’s rich data library, new generation technology and deep knowledge.

Revenue Forecasting

With Next Geo’s advanced data analytics methods, you can statistically reveal the relationship between the turnover performance of your existing stores, the demographic structure and competition in their location, and gain insight into the turnover of new locations.

Store Segmentation

For each store, customer profile in its region is essential. Therefore, the customer profile of each store differs. You can determine the most accurate store segment and product variety by analyzing the consumer profile around the store with our support.

Targeting Performance

What should be the share of a store in your company’s annual targets? Determine the most accurate performance target for the relevant store by analyzing the potential around the store with Next Geo’s data analytics solutions.

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