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Geo-segmentation is a marketing strategy that helps to target local communities or shoppers. In this context, people who live in places with shared and similar characteristics share common culture, requirements, desires, and expectations. Companies could figure out requirements of consumers with geo-segmentations; and so, they could target successful marketing strategies and products for similar segments to improve their business performance.

Our partners are able to determine their consumer profile around their sales point with high precision and decide which products to position at the sales point with our segmentation solutions. Professional consultants in Next Geo combine industry experience and new generation technologies to build the most suitable segment model for you.

Social Segmentation

Your sales points are segmented according to factors such as the lifestyle, education and socio-economic status of the consumers in the region.

Economic Segmentation

Your sales points are divided into economic classes using total and sectoral expenditure statistics.

Commercial Segmentation

Your sales points are classified according to the commercial profile of the street (modern, traditional, mixed) and the surrounding construction (residental, workplace, mixed) data.