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Our Solutions

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The most essential question is “where?” in this context. There is a geographical or spatial problem that needs to be resolved. Next Geo collects the most up-to-date and comprehensive spatial data for your business and visualizes the data in advanced applications which developed by itself. Also, we support you to select the best location for your purpose. This process is based on analytical models according to your investment criteria.

There are 4 main criteria in site selection problem:

1 – Demographics

Identifying the locations where your customers live or where they shop will contribute to the success of your site selection decision. There is large number of demographic statistics with neighborhood scale in Next Geo Database. We use that dataset to identify the best locations for your customers.

2 – Cannibalism

How does the location of your competitors’ stores affect your store performance? We determine your competitive position by calculating the relationship between the performance of stores of competitors and the performance of your own stores. After that, we determine the locations where you can be advantageous.

3 – Attraction Centers

The attraction points which create foot traffic its surrounds such as school, hospital, government agency, and etc. affect performance of your retail stores. You can determine the locations that will have a positive impact on your store performance by using the data of attraction centers in our rich database.

4 – Retails

Brand mix is one of the most important factors in the preference of consumers for both street and shopping mall scale. Many factors such as customer segmentation change the volume of trade in the region. Our retail store database is constantly updated. This helps you to understand the volume and the nature of the trade in your region; it enables you to make the most accurate site selection decisions.