Next-generation Applications in Location Analytics


Success comes from making the right decisions about the location. We are working for you to get the maximum efficiency from the power of location by using advanced technologies.

Our Mission and Goals



We know that spatial data gives a strong competitive advantage to companies.


We provide solutions to benefit from spatial data and analytics for all companies. Our aim is to provide suitable solutions for the difficulties that our customers’ experienced in the light of our deep knowledge that we have worked and gained for many years.

Location-based Consultancy Services

We are a data analytics company that established to meet the needs of small and also large companies. We constantly update ourselves by following global developments in spatial analytics and spatial data science. Our mission is to enrich the decisions taken by the companies with the power of spatial analytics and by doing that, to increase the probability of being successful in business for companies.


Our Strategy


We provide, process and standardize data to maximize the benefit from through advanced analytical techniques.  We apply machine learning techniques to improve the process in a quick and suitable way. 

– Advanced Consultancy Team & Services 

– Customer Services and Operations

We are there for you

NG Database

We take as an input our rich demographic and poi-based database in our analytical studies. It it is necessary, we also collect some specific data to analyze with our database.

NG Analysis

We use several analytical algorithms and examine the relationships in data. We apply machine learning techniques to improve the process in a quick and suitable way.

NG Consultancy

We report the operational process carried out by our professional consultancy team and deliver the visualized work together with the solution proposals that meet the needs.

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