How we operate

We provide, process and standardize data to maximize the benefit from through advanced analytical techniques. We apply machine learning techniques to improve the process in a quick and suitable way.

Data, as a greatest power

Today, companies are planning their next steps by analyzing big data. One of the biggest goals is to be able to extract meaningful information from data. “Location” is one of the most important inputs as a data in this process.

Location Selection

It is a key to develop succesful sales strategies and enlarge store network.
- Determine optimum location
- Prevent cannibalism of sales
- Increase the number of successful point of sales


We estimate your potential and future sales; so, you will be able to manage your inventory and future growth plan.
- Comprehend your sales network
- Estimate the future success of your company
- Minimize the uncertainty and risk for your new openings (sales points, etc.)


You can detect the unfavorable points for working dynamics of your company. By doing that, efficiency will be maximized.
- Comprehend the criterias that affect the company
- Detect the inefficient situations
- Improve your company’s performance


Support your units that have several characteristics in common with customized strategies to take a competitive advantage.
- Idenify your products & market
- Identify your location
- Provide specified services to your customers

Spatial Analytics

Access to data, analyzes, estimations and customized maps; that guide your sectoral strategies.
- Follow the changes in your industry
- Report your efficiency
- Map your studies
- Get strong foresights


Evaulate the current situation with advanced analyzes and target your future.
- Identify your buffer area and company profile
- Assess the potential
-Guarentee success in your business with sufficient targeting strategies

Why Next Geo?




Location analysis is finding location-oriented insights by overlapping layers of geographic and business data onto maps. This give an oppurtunity to visualize, analyze and solve complex problems. We compile and enrich different types of large datasets, such as GPS data, commercial data that specific and customized to your business, socio-demographic data, street-based retail values and point of sales data; and then, we use them in geographic analysis. We display all study and knowledge as an interface that customized to your company.

Location Analysis is an interactive technology that lets you create maps and visualizations; so, you can filter data and see only what’s significant for you. It makes easier to detect your business needs and trends. Also, it makes your strategic decisions more effective and data oriented. Business Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence and Geographical Information Systems are strong components of spatial analytics. This approach enables businesses to process location data into valuable insights, maximize store network efficiency, generate sales forecasts, and select locations with the right location characteristics to support a sustainable enlargement strategy.

Geo-segmentation is a marketing strategy that helps to target local communities or shoppers. In this context, people who live in places with shared and similar characteristics share common culture, requirements, desires, and expectations. Companies could figure out requirements of consumers with geo-segmentations; and so, they could target successful marketing strategies and products for similar segments to improve their business performance.

Socio-Economic Status (SES) is the combined economic and social measure of a household’s economic and social position relative to others based on income, education, and occupation. SES is more commonly used to describe an economic difference and classes in society comprehensively. It divides society into six groups as A, B, C1, C2, D, and E with this approach.

Regional optimization is the allocation of resources between regions in order to provide maximum service to customers with available resources and to achieve maximum sales. This optimization may be based on geography, industry, and/or customer size.

Geomarketing is a next generation marketing method that improves the performance of marketing strategy while targeting consumer groups. Spatial intelligence is an component of geomarketing.